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Perfect UK Picnic Spots

By Mat Trueman
Thursday, June 13, 2019

Perfect UK Picnic Spots

5. Florence Court, Northern Ireland

With miles of walking and cycle trails, the beautiful park, gardens and surrounding forest offer fantastic opportunities for all the family to enjoy.

Take a stroll into the forest to visit the mother of all Irish Yew trees, visit the thatched summer house or just relax with an extravagant picnic in the peaceful gardens.

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4. Powis Castle and Garden, Welshpool

Powis Castle and Gardens Welshpool

Perched high on a hillside, this medieval fortress looks down on world-famous Italian and French styled terraced gardens, filled with dramatic yew topiary and classical statutory.

There’s much to take in, and plenty of places to sit and picnic in the castle grounds as you plan your visit or simply gather your thoughts...

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3. Roseberry Topping, North Yorkshire

 Roseberry Topping

 After a quick lung-busting walk to the summit, the views from Roseberry Topping are second to none.

Tuck into your sandwiches and cake with a 360° panorama of North Yorkshire's breath-taking countryside and coastline. A true picnic haven awaits travellers with a famously warm Yorkshire welcome.

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2. Hinton Ampner, Hampshire

 Hinton Ampner, Hampshire

There are lots of pretty spots to settle down with a picnic at Hinton Ampner.

Wander into the parkland and you'll find ancient trees offering dappled shade and glorious views.

Sun-warmed benches at the rear of the house offer comfy seating and a pastoral vista over acres of countryside making this a must visit picnic utopia.

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1. Studland Beach, Dorset

Studland Beach, Dorset

Have a family day out on this golden sandy beach that stretches four miles from South Haven Point to Old Harry Rocks.

It’s an ideal location to enjoy the simple pleasures of beach picnics and tumbling sandcastles.

And with shallow bathing water it’s ideal for paddling toddlers too! You can also visit the nearby ruins of Corfe Castle to discover more than a thousand years of precious history.

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